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Dec 2012  

SeaSpark Ltd completes design of 183m RORO Train Passenger Ferry Completed construction in Singapore Oct 2010


Savannah FOR SALE

A beautiful Expedition Ship launched May 2011 on the Gold Coast and exhibited at the 2011 Sanctuary Boat Show.

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SeaSpark Ltd  

Selected to pilot NZ's future Safe Ship Management systems - MOSS

NZ's latest Safe Ship Managment Company with full accreditation in Australia and Cook Islands with the widest accreditation possible


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Image courtesy of Interislander

The new Aratere lengthened  by 32m, a new bow, stern wedge and significat increase in Passengers, Rail and Vehicles

The unlengthend Aratere

SeaSpark Ltd completed the design for the lengthening of the RORO passenger ferry in 2010  

The lengthening included a

   new 30m mid section which increases carrying capacity by 30%

   new bow which reduces wave height and total resistance and will improve higher sea state performance to improve timetable mainetnance

   new stern wedge which also reduces wave height and total resistance

  new propeller by Wartsila to increase efficiency

  and structural strengthening from transom to bow

Mid Section nearly in place
Aian Hercules.  500' high boom
Aratere cut.  Looking at the aft section

Above Left Asian Hercules, Boom height 500', and capable of lifting 3200 tonnes transporting the new Mid Section

Above Looking at the cut - the aft hull


Left- Birth of the new bow



MV Savannah

Launched Gold Coast Queensland after completion May 2011


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As engineers we are conservative but in announcing our achievements and capabilities we are proud to advertise our unique company which can claim extraordinary success in innovative marine design.

Our experience and capability are global and our engineers are world class and have been recognized as such.

Our strength and talent is providing innovative and well engineered solutions and our goal has always been to exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of performance, economy and quality.

Our staff are authorised to approve the designs and survey of all classes of Non SOLAS New Zealand and Queensland registered vessels in all type of materials.

We provide a rare combination of design and compliance capability and we are experienced in working with LRS, DNV, BV, GL, ABS and providing compliance documentation for vessels for the EU (CE), USA(USCG), and UK (MCA)


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